July 17th, 2020

Venue : Online Virtual

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Sajjid Mitha

Founder And CEO

Ramesh Parasuraman

President- Elect,
SPE India

Allied Solutions India


Dr Jaime A. Gómez


Michaela Schaller

Lead - India and South East Asia Packaging Circular Economy Solutions

Suhas Dixit


Conor Carlin

VP Sustainability

Chandramohan Gupta

Director-Corporate Affairs, INSWA Business Unit

Dr Vijay G Habbu

Adjunct Professor

Sanjib Bezbaroa

EVP- Corporate EHS & Sustainability

Chandra Bhushan

President & CEO

Amit Kale

Associate Vice President - Packaging & Purchase

Claus Skadkjær

President - Asia

RACE 2 Conference Feedback

APChemi's innovative technology to recycle the end-of-life plastics into petrochemicals.

For those of you who care about our planet, this is a conference for you.

- Sajjid Mitha

About RACE

RACE Conferences - A platform where speakers present ways to help our planet heal through recycling and shifting from a linear to a circular economy.

Online Virtual
July 17th, 2020

Who should be attending?

  • Polymer Producers
  • Plastics Processors
  • Plastics recyclers
  • Waste management specialists
  • Industry associations
  • NGOs
  • Consultants
  • Plastics recycling machinery and equipment suppliers
  • Plastic material suppliers and compounders


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PWorld Technology Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of developing, maintaining and operating E-commerce platforms to facilitate retail trade in polymers, chemicals, petroleum and related products. Asia's first and most popular and dynamic E-commerce platform for polymer trade - PolymerExchange is a widely used PWorld Tech product. Owners of the RACE (Recycling And the Circular Economy) conference brand, PWorld Tech hosts industry related global conclaves and seminars regularly, for knowledge sharing and networking.

Polymerupdate has been Asia's #1 market intelligence company in the petrochemical space for the past 20 years and with a recently opened office in Europe, we are slowly but surely racing toward becoming the world's #1 market intelligence company for petrochemicals. The company provides business critical industry news and real-time price assessments which are used as benchmarks for contract price settlements in many parts of Asia and the Middle East. Polymerupdate has a fast widening subscriber base with clients in over 65 countries.


Society Of Plastics Engineers India is a part of the global leading GlobalAssociation of the Plastic Industry namely SPE USA. SPE as one of its forefront activities arranges Seminars and Technical Conferences and have always managed to create a platform for Techno-Commercial discussions within the Plastics Industry. The objective of the SPE is to promote the scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics. SPE helps people and companies in the plastics industry succeed, by spreading knowledge, strengthening skills & promoting plastics.